Am I a writer?

I am married to a writer. There is no question that my wife, Jill Williamson, is a writer. She has 19 books published, spends every waking moment writing, editing, or rewriting a book with her name eventually appearing on the cover.

So does that make me a writer? No. That makes her a writer.

About two years ago, I told her about a story idea I had about a time-traveling heroine named Lacy Lathrop. Jill said to me in a very writerly way, “That sounds good. Go write it.” So I did. I pounded out the first draft of what I find to be an interesting story. It was roughly 45,000 words. I gave it to her to read and edit and she did so. That might have made me a writer. But that’s where I stopped. It sat on my computer with notes on it for two years.

So… am I a writer?

After that, I wrote a two and a half books of a trilogy and then got bored with it. I abandoned an almost completed first draft of a trilogy!

Am I a writer?

At the end of July I went with my wife to the Realm Makers writers conference. I met many of her writing buddies and got to experience her world for a whole weekend. I was intimidated at first, thinking of myself as little more than “Mr. Jill Williamson.” But I soon realized that 20 years of being married to a professional writer and attempting some stories myself gave me a high level of understanding what was happening around the conference. So, I decided to learn and grown my own craft. It was fun. It was interesting. It was informative. It was inspiring. And it was fun.

Did it make me a writer? No.

I came home, opened up Lacy Lathrop and started working through Jill’s edits. I want to see it get better. I want to see it in print. I want to give it a cool cover with my name on it. I want other people to enjoy my story when they read it.

Does that make me a writer? Abso-freaking-lutely!

In Throw Momma From the Train, they say, “A writer writes, always.” This true. I have a paying job that I do. Most writers are not JK Rowling. I have not even released any story into the world yet. But I will. I will make sure that my story exists.Someone, somewhere will read my book. If they don’t, I’ll still have a book. A darn good book. Whether it sells or not, I’ll think of another story and do it all again.

And THAT makes me a writer!

How about you? Are you a writer? Do you have a story you desperately want to be told? Do you chip away at it a little at time or sit down and crank it out in one chunk? Do you think I am a writery enough writer to claim it? Let me know!

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